Book Blogger Hop: March 20 – 26, 2020

The Book Blogger Hop is a book meme hosted by Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer where you answer a weekly prompt featuring a book related question. This way you have a chance to check out other people’s blogs and gain new followers yourself.

This is my first time trying one of these! Book memes have always been fun, and I love discussion posts and questions and suck with sticking to a weekly timeline so this is the perfect one for me.


If you could add one interactive feature to reading books, what would it be?

If you watch a TV show on Amazon prime and pause it at a random moment, at the left of the screen you can find a list of the actors and fun facts related to the scene. I think this would be an interesting feature to add on ebooks, like a sort of interactive ‘footnotes’ section you can access when hovering over the page. Behind-the-scenes looks like author inspirations and character motivations would be so fun to read throughout the book.

Thanks for reading! What ideas did you come up with?

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